purple fields


These new pictures make no sense. I feel like this was set up on purpose. Why else would she be looking directly at the camera and not be flipping them off like she does EVERY other time? I swear this is staged.

Those popos are ninjas. They will hide behind a bush, a car, a street lamp, or a  chair, while using their cameras with super-zooming lenses to capture the perfect shots of these celebrities in their most compromising situations. Just because the subjects in the photos seems near, doesn’t mean they really are. And just because they were looking at the direction of the photog, doesn’t mean they saw him.

You know guys, there’s nothing surprising or suspicious if it seems like Kristen and Rupert was looking at the camera in their photos. They’re were looking at the direction of the photographer, who was probably hiding behind a bush or something several meters away. Have you guys seen what kind of cameras and super high-end telephoto lenses those popos are using? Heck, even the latest point and shoot cams are pretty good on zooming in on things.



Stars: Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund & Sam Riley
Photographer: Steven Pan / Management Artists

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