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just a theory about the video…

I just wanted to throw this out there. What if there were two videos? I mean, what if Georgina used two gadgets, camera and a phone, to film the scene and then she gave the camera to Chuck to get herself off the hook. Little did they know, there’s another copy on her hand.

Later at the wedding, Georgina told NSD that she was hoping that Chuck would show it to Louis. Seriously? And then what? The wedding gets cancelled without everyone knowing why? No video, no evidence. I just find it really stupid and suspicious that Georgina, who is the current GG, would let this video slip from her hands and just leave everything to fate… or Chuck (who may or may not show it to Louis) Also, consider that this was supposedly GG’s comeback, so she needed to expose something really BIG. Somehow she had to make sure that the video gets posted on GG, make herself seem innocent and create drama amongst the UESers all at the same time.

ETA: In short, she’s going to frame Dan. But I have no freaking idea how…

5x15 Producer’s Preview:

I think Georgina was being sarcastic to Philip when she said, "it’s cute when you’re paying attention." Which could actually mean he wasn’t paying paying attention at all that’s why he misunderstood about Dan being the culprit.

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