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I wonder if the writers even tell people that they were the writers of GG.

" I would rather be with no one than be with you."

It’s usually statements like this that turn out to be completely untrue in the end.

There are over a hundred people on my block list. and they are 99% Chairios.

Life is still good. ^_^

Oh really Blair? You’re going to allow Dan the errand boy to crash at Serena’s room which is next to your room? how helpful of you….


I have a feeling that since Dan is going to stay in Serena’s room, she in turn would stay at Chuck’s place.

Why I don’t mind Dan and Serena?

At least, Serena is still Serena. But the current Blair is not even Blair anymore. She’s just the joke version.

GG 6x03 Promo

Hahahaha. So romantic, right?


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Blair. WOW! It’s as if season 4 and 5 didn’t happen when Blair and Dan became friends and eventually boyfriend/girlfriend. I don’t care if she doesn’t want to remember Dan as an ex, but she didn’t even have the decency to at least respect Dan as a friend or used-to-be “best friend”. For most of their relationship, she was the one who received help the most. He was the one person she always turn to when the going gets tough and then she’s going to say shit like that? She didn’t have to say his name at all, but she did, just for the hell of it. Does she have an amnesia or something? Someone tell me.

LOL at ggwriters not even trying anymore. They just don’t care. I think the reason they’re giving away pretty much everything in finale is to soften the backlash they’re going to get when the actual episode airs.



Am I the only one who sort of remembered Blair when Rihanna made that interview with Oprah about Chris Brown, and again when she kissed/hug CB in the VMA?


Chuck and Blair are going to be living happily ever after after this hotel nonsense gets sorted out! Right?


Ausiello answered like a heartbroken dair fan who decided to spread his misery to everyone…

but it doesn’t mean that Dair isn’t really dead. it may turn out to be the truth after all.

Team Dan all the fucking way next season (even if i’m not watching this shit show) I hope he RUINS the UES.


I’ll love him forever, he’ll never be a villain in my eyes.

Don’t expect too much. This is the CHair Show remember?

I never thought that one day I’ll be listening to this song and be thinking of Dan and Blair at the same time.


The song “Somebody that I used to know”: Dan’s love letter to Blair, let’s be real.

What if main reason they killed Dair?

…is because they’re gonna make Dan the real Gossip Girl, or somehow deeply involved in it.

There have been several hints there last episode that points to him, but i’m not sure.

What do you guys think?

Ugh. I don’t even want to think about how they’re going portray him next season. Since this is GG, they’re going to fuck him up.

Dan and Blair friendship?

they don’t even have that.

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