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Why I don’t mind Dan and Serena?

At least, Serena is still Serena. But the current Blair is not even Blair anymore. She’s just the joke version.

Untitled: RIP Blair...


The real Blair had a mean streak…we all know this, but it was usually to lash out at people when they did something to her or when she felt threatened/insecure…what did Dan do to her? Nothing (that she knows of…yet). Right now, his sleeping with Serena is not an issue because she doesn’t know…

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Untitled: Unresolved sexual tension????


How can Chair possible have unresolved sexual tension???…all they ever do is have sex. I’d say it’s pretty resolved at this point.

Their relationship is more like an addiction, sex is the only thing they have going for them…the minute it’s over and they have to be a real couple they realize that…

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GG 6x03 Promo

Hahahaha. So romantic, right?


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Blair. WOW! It’s as if season 4 and 5 didn’t happen when Blair and Dan became friends and eventually boyfriend/girlfriend. I don’t care if she doesn’t want to remember Dan as an ex, but she didn’t even have the decency to at least respect Dan as a friend or used-to-be “best friend”. For most of their relationship, she was the one who received help the most. He was the one person she always turn to when the going gets tough and then she’s going to say shit like that? She didn’t have to say his name at all, but she did, just for the hell of it. Does she have an amnesia or something? Someone tell me.

We're A Team Dairlings and Spuffsters: I hold fast to the belief that Dan and Blair were meant for each other


Make no mistakes about it, I AM Heavily Against Derena Endgame. But at this point, I don’t Dan to be with Blair either.

If they were to reconnect, it would have to be years from now when Blair has fallen on her face again. And realizes finally, with a sense of certitude, that Chuck only brings…

Why did I give myself a new problem?

Why did I watch Emily Owens MD, which is a new show?

Problems with new show:

I have to wait a week for each episode. Ugh.

There’s no certainty that it’s going to last a full season.

I’m already liking the characters so i hope it sticks.

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We accept the love we think we deserve"
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LOL at ggwriters not even trying anymore. They just don’t care. I think the reason they’re giving away pretty much everything in finale is to soften the backlash they’re going to get when the actual episode airs.


A difference between a job and a career is clock watching. On a job, you look at your watch every five minutes thinking an hour past. In a career, you do not have enough time in a day"
— Chris Rock (?)

The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, also known as Republic Act 10175, may aim to bring crime-fighting into the 21st century by addressing harmful acts committed with the use of the worldwide web but it raises the risk of rights violations and curtailment of freedom of expression and of the press by expanding the concept of the criminalized act of libel. The law also raises the penal sentence for libel committed in cyberspace one year longer than that imposed in the Revise Penal Code for libel in general.

It is highly advisable that the imperfections in the law, the provisions that conflict with other aspects of good governance and national and international obligations, be corrected soon through amendments. Strong leadership does not shirk from acknowledging the need to revise and strengthen policy and law. The calls for amendment should not be seen as personal attacks on anyone’s character or effectiveness.

‘Cybercrime Law may put Philippines in more trouble with UN for curtailing press freedom’ - InterAksyon.com (via jaded-coconut)

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Are we so arrogant that we dare think we are on the verge of knowing everything about the universe? True intellects realize that the more we learn, the more we discover how little we know."
Randy G  (in response to the article Will Science One Day Rule Out the Possibility of God?)


Am I the only one who sort of remembered Blair when Rihanna made that interview with Oprah about Chris Brown, and again when she kissed/hug CB in the VMA?


Chuck and Blair are going to be living happily ever after after this hotel nonsense gets sorted out! Right?


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